Production & Co (A blog about Freelance video production and working to start my own production company…I think)

Who the fuck am I you ask?


Well you’re here.  I don’t know how you stumbled upon this blog, but I’m glad you did.  Straight to it, this is a blog about working in Freelance Video production as well as working to start my own production company.  Along the way I hope to shed some light on life both as a freelancer and small business owner and HOPEFULLY provide you with some useful tips from experiences I have along the way.  Also disclaimer.  I am not the best writer.  I am a worse speller and fuck grammar.  I will do my best to proof read this, but in reality it’s probably gonna be a grammatical shitshow.  If that bothers you I am sorry, please don’t go.

Who the fuck am I you ask? My name is John and I am 26 years old currently living in Brooklyn NY.  I work at a rental house, East Coast Expendables, work as the NY sales associate for the company RatPac Dimmers and do freelance production work in the camera and G&E departments.  I have some experience with small business, starting and managing East Coast Expendables for my current boss and additional insights from my work for RatPac dimmers.  On set I have worked on projects big and small from narrative to corporate and for companies like Google, Morgan Stanley, Food Network etc etc etc.  I feel that I am just getting past my “you don’t know shit about shit” phase in life and I am hoping that by documenting these next steps I can help some other folks who are in the same position as me.  I can’t promise that my information will always be good, but at least if it’s really bad you’ll know what not to try.

I’m in the beginning stages of this blog and I won’t pretend to have it all ironed out, but here is a VERY general idea of what to expect.. I am hoping to post a variety of content that is relevant to life on set and freelance work while also documenting the process of starting up my own production company.  Additionally I want to share the experiences I have managing the current rental house I am at, pass on any new information I learn that seems like it could be useful to others and document the process of creating my own business.  Lastly I hope to highlight some of the amazing people I get to work with on a daily basis with BTS photos from their shoots,  profiles on them and their companies and little interviews picking their brains for even more useful information.  Stick around and see what happens.  If you like it let me know with a comment.  If you don’t like it, but think I might be on to something I’d love some constructive feedback.  If you totally hate it..well, shit.